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I often wonder,
wander my imagination,
and ponder plans to plunder
cadence from from undiscovered
celestial nations.
Face it. We’ve all got limitations.
Embrace them.
These harsh realities are only as
bleak as we make them.
Freedom and happiness are birthrights.
Our interpretation of life…

I started writing a poem the other day
About wanting to thank my ex boyfriend
For giving me a spine
And teaching me to stand up for myself
Because I’ve always believed in silver linings
But I stopped writing it because I realized I was just lying

The truth is I’m still as spineless as I was when our relationship began
I never walked away from you
You walked from me
And I think that says a lot
About character
When your abuser
Finds you boring

I don’t want to write another poem about you
The trees weren’t cut down
So I can write your autobiography
And read it to strangers like scripture
You were supposed to be a chapter
Not the whole goddamn book
And I think that says a lot about character
When I’m still writing about old news

Last year,
I spent the summer in my therapists office
Where she started saying things like
Self harm,
And as she’s reciting the diagnoses to my parents,
I’m sitting on the couch thinking,
“You were right. I’m fucking crazy, but you know, shit happens, it builds character.”
But now I’m thinking
I’ve built up my character enough

To the boys who found out about you,
And pretended to be nice
Because they knew I was vulnerable
And saw me as damaged goods
Not good enough to date
But good enough for a night
I want to say fuck you
You knew I was going through hell
And you used that to get your fix
But I can’t blame you
Because I used you too
I wanted you to fuck the numbness out of me
As if that were even possible

I’m not going to lie to you and say that I found a spine while writing this poem
I mean, fuck,
I don’t stand up here because I’m whole
I stand up here because I think snaps and applause will somehow
Fill the void you left behind
I’m still damaged goods

—Damaged Goods by Orianna Valentina (via sappy—bullshit)

I’ve tried my hardest to see you when have you ever asked to see me?


A Love So Deep
You slept in my bed last night and all I felt were my insides tearing me apart.


A Love So Deep

You slept in my bed last night and all I felt were my insides tearing me apart.

us and those like us


and your coat
though you’ve taken
it off still
holds a part of you

the weather is
walking a tight rope
the clouds can’t decide what
they’re going to

if they’re going to fade away,
dig in and
stay for the week
or burst

and take us

and we move towards the last
day of the month

towards the next weekend

a beam of sound 
and light

sending jetstreams of smoke
into the

drinking and
becoming stupid,


sheltered in
a world that
means nothing

to anyone
and those
like us


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Visit: 😶that’s true😶 #quotes #qoutes #love #lovers #littlegirl #loveisblind #loveneverdies #inspirationkita #ikawlangangmahalq #onlyme #art #justanordinarygirl #edits #retrica #yourmyinspiration #youremyonlybestfriend #smile #findways #follow4follow #cute #crush #bestfriendkita #bestfriendzone #musicneversleeps

When the wrong peoples come around thats when you know things is about to be shaky. You gotta know how to not even think much of them.

—JuiicyXyourichii (via lovelyxwild-nofear)

A love poem for Me From a “you” I don’t know yet


Our relationship will be like ketchup.

Red, slow, and filled and anticipation.

I’ll wake you up at 4am just because I need to go for a drive,

and we’ll chase the moon before it disappears into yesterday.

Waffles will be the main course at dinner six times a month.

And I’ll tell you that you…

24 hours before we ended, I wrote...


To the girl he loved first,

The day I dropped him off at the soccer field, I couldn’t understand why I felt like I was dropping off my child on the first day of school.

He hated gym class, but I found myself content with knowing he was brave enough to run the bases with you.

To the girl he…

House on Main Street


When I met my ex girlfriend’s parents for the first time

they already had a warrant out for my arrest.

I had stolen their daughter’s heart without asking their permission,

so I was not welcome to sleep in their house

on Main Street.

Instead I slept on the couch of a boy who loved my girl just…